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We are a global technology consultancy that designs, builds, and innovates technology for the world. As experts in App Development, Blockchain, AI/Machine Learning & IoT, we help businesses disrupt and evolve through true innovation.

Grow Your Organization Through New Product, Service & Business Model Innovation

AI/Machine Learning

We are experienced in applying AI and Machine Learning to business problems. We specialize in Image Processing and Text Processing. All the way from visual object detection and knowledge-extraction from human-language text to predicting market conditions or product sales.

Blockchain Development

Market leaders are quickly and actively adopting blockchain technology to create new business models and opportunities to outperform the competition. We help leading companies from BFSI, retail, pharmaceuticals, and beyond successfully adopt blockchain solutions and transform.

Internet of Things

We allow organisations from Logistics and Transportation, Retail, and beyond to make the best utilization of connected things and smart-business ecosystems. We help businesses boost their productivity, reinforce performance and create growth opportunities with organised and data-driven disruption.

Mobile App Consultancy

With a mix of art and science backed with user research, our mobile app consultancy experts help validate your business idea and create a potent mobile strategy. We identify the right features for your product; map them to your target users’ desire; we use insight analytics about your market and competitors.

Mobility Solutions

Today, 80% of businesses are mobile friendly. To enable your business to reach its peak, you have to compete with your competitors. If their business already has a mobile app that is popular among your targeted audience, we can help you stand neck to neck with them. Teqsense takes care of you.

Bot Development

Bots are user-friendly software that allows automated interactions with humans. Instead of making an entire app, developers can make a bot for any of the popular platforms such as Facebook or Telegram to interact, engross and even transact with your users. Today, 80% of business are looking for a bot.

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Strategic Innovation & Strategy Development Consulting

Innovate To Your Advantage

Do you have an ingenious idea that you want to put to work for your business? How do you know if it is viable? What technologies can you use to implement the idea? Teqsense’s R&D and innovation consulting services will help you validate your idea from a technology standpoint as well as from your businesses’ perspective. Our engineers will perform feasibility assessments, build prototypes, deploy your product and scale it to your business environment. 

We can help you to:

  • Develop Strong Unique Selling Proposition
  • Evaluate Market Opportunities
  • Innovate & Introduce Technological Improvements
  • Get To Market Faster

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A customer focused, cost efficient technology oursourcing and innovation business that deals with the prototyping, development, design, scaling and security of solutions involving Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Blockchain and Internet of Things.

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