Gain Competitive Advantage Using Deep Learning

Transform your business with cutting edge artificial intelligence and machine learning implementations.

Teqsense offers premiere machine learning consulting. We are experienced in applying AI and Machine Learning to business problems. We specialise in Image Processing and Text Processing. All the way from visual object detection and knowledge-extraction from human-language text to predicting market conditions or product sales.

Gartner: AI and deep-learning techniques will be the most common approaches for new applications of data science.

Deliver Customer-First Service

Your consumer data offers valuable insight into the needs and pains of the people who buy from you. Use this data to segment your audience and deliver a personalised customer experience that improves conversion rates and maximises customer lifetime value.

Enable Smart Recommendations

With smart and personalised product recommendations, you can engage more buyers and convert them into customers faster. You will increase your average order value as well as reduce workload and overhead for your salespeople.

Make Data-Driven Business Decisions

Transform all of your organisation’s information into business insights and provide your key stakeholders with actionable data to power more efficient business decisions. This will enable them to foresee & manage risks better.

Enhance Organisational Performance

With Data Science, you can easily and effectively optimise operations and automate your key processes, improve controls, measure and better manage performance and productivity as well as facilitate capacity planning. Work smarter, not harder.

Scoping & Architecture Design

First, we need to understand your problem better.

Once we determine there is a fit for Machine Learning, we will work closely together to prepare a roadmap, review the scientific literature, and determine requirements.

Data Collection & Exploration

Machine Learning needs data. If you have data needed to train the models, we will perform an exploratory analysis phase to find patterns and correlations. If you don’t, we will collect the data for you using online sources (if possible).

Model Development

We run thousands of experiments in parallel to develop a machine learning model. A model is the core of a machine learning system – trained on historical data it can predict the future trends or understand the semantics of a text.

Full-Stack Development

We integrate the model with a REST API or a front-end application, developing all necessary features to access the model in an user-friendly way. Scalable and with the state-of-the-art security.

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