Improve efficiency and security for your business

Enforce a whole new level of security, efficiency, transparency and trust-less collaboration.

Market leaders are quickly and actively adopting blockchain technology to create new business models and opportunities to outperform the competition. Teqsense can help you become one of them. We help leading organisations from BFSI, retail, pharmaceuticals, logistics, manufacturing, healthcare and beyond successfully adopt blockchain solutions and transform.

The World Economic Forum predicts that in the nearest future, 80% of all Banks are going to initiate projects concerning Distributed Ledger Technology.

Drastically Cut Transaction Costs

With distributed ledger technology, it becomes possible to avoid costly intermediary services, such as lawyers, brokers and bankers, to ensure legitimacy and security of transactions. By eliminating third-party intervention, we can significantly bring down transaction costs and optimise efficiency.

Optimise Your Financial Operations

Cash transactions can take hours or even a few days especially during holidays or weekends. This affects company performance and may stop critical business processes. Blockchain enables you to carry out financial operations within minutes at any place, round the clock, without third party intervention.

Secure Your Financial Operations

Administrative control is crucial to most businesses. But the maintenance and regulation of such control requires a lot of effort and resources. This can be optimised with Smart Contracts. Blockchain provides transparency between all parties without sacrificing data security even in a semi-trusted environment.

Reinforce Your Asset Management

Blockchain technology enables tracking any product metadata such as price, location, date, quality etc. over the complete product lifecycle. This will allow your business to address some of the important supply chain issues such as lack of transparency, reliability, traceability and security.

Technology Research & Prototyping

Make a comprehensive assessment of business infrastructure, together with market research to identify opportunities and define what blockchain solution will help optimise the company operations and boost efficiency.

And then build a prototype to measure ROI and make improvements based on data.

Architecture & Environment Setup

The reliability of any solution depends heavily on the quality of the environment. Our team will set up a trusted environment and establish the communication architecture, ensuring a bug-free and secure deployment.

User Experience Design

Our team of UI/UX experts will help you create a blockchain solution that offers a valuable and meaningful experience to your end-users. We apply strong design thinking to come up with a best-fit solution that is custom tailored to you.

Deploying & Monitoring

Our ultimate goal is to ensure smooth technology development followed by rigorous quality testing. Teqsense’s experts will adjust and validate solution parameters to eliminate any possible risks that may occur.

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