• Category : IoT, Robotics, AI/Machine Learning
  • Date : August, 2017
  • Client :Dataology Inc.
  • Reverse engineer Double robotics robot
  • Allow remote viewing
  • Enable multi-channel communication
  • Custom white-labeled app to control robot
  • Allow different complex interactions
  • Allow remote control
  • Auto-navigate to same-floor rooms
  • WebRTC enabled audio/video conferencing
  • Enable shared whiteboard tool
  • Create admin dashboard
  • Obstacle identification & avoidance
  • Long-term cost effectiveness

Step 01

Reverse Engineer Double Robotics Robot

After understanding Dataology’s requirements, we decided that the easiest approach to mimicking their app interactions would be to analyse network traffic to see what commands were being sent to the robots drive. To do this, we reverse engineered their application and ran very low level communications protocol reconnaissance. We then understood the commands that were being sent, and started triggering those from our own application.

Step 02

Develop & Integrate

The objective of the SuD (System Under Development) was to perform all actions such as 4-directional movements, along with the extension and retraction of the robots neck. We achieved this. We wanted to innovate beyond existing telepresence solutions and so helped our client integrate fast two-way AV conferencing, shared whiteboard (as a new form of communication with remote colleagues), pre-recorded locomotion with obstacle avoidance and more!

Step 03

Deploy & Scale

After completing development of this project using the ReactJS stack along with Ionic (back then, React-Native was not an option), we deployed the solution stack to a Linux server that was configured to be bulletproof as well as to scale to up to 5000 concurrent users.

Lot of caching, memory management, stream optimisation, content delivery optimisation, etc were used to achieve this feat. 

We were also able to replace the need for iPads on the Double Robotics robot and also created a cheaper frame/drive that was to be mass-manufactured from China.

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