Everything You Need To Know About PUBG Mobile Lite

‘’Winner winner chicken dinner’’. These words ring a prominent bell amongst the teenagers of the present generation. PUBG has taken the world by storm, and it has made a huge impact on how mobile gaming is even considered. Originally developed for computers, the game has gathered a considerable audience through its mobile platform beating Rivals like Fortnite and other FPS games. But not everyone is on the same page of enjoying the game as it tends to have great gameplay on higher-end devices where the lower end devices fail to offer. This is the perfect place where Tencent (the makers of PUBG) came up with a brilliant idea to create a newer version of the game, and this is known as PUBG mobile lite. Now that you know as to why this format of the game came into existence let’s have an inside scoop about everything that one needs to know about PUBG mobile lite. Let’s get started.

What is PUBG mobile lite?

If you are living under a rock and still have no idea as to what PUBG stands for and what it is? Then PUBG (players unknown battleground) is nothing but an FPS game where you need to kill everyone else as the area around you starts to close down. The last person alive wins the match. It is as simple as that. But when you add in exceptional graphics, ammunition, fast vehicles, online multiplayer gaming and various other things, then the true meaning of PUBG comes to life.

All this is well and good when you consider the fact that you either need a high-end gaming device of mobile to run the game at a considerable format. Therefore, PUBG mobile lite is the iteration to the game where you get a bit deteriorated graphics, much better gameplay with no extra features of sorts. Just the basics of the game and nothing else. This is what PUBG mobile lite is all about. Needless to say, that PUBG mobile lite is the version which can run on lower-end smartphone (smartphones that run on either marshmallow or nougat) configuration.

Features of PUBG mobile lite.

There are surplus features of the game. Few of which are given below.

•    The overall size of the game (388 MB) is shallow compared to the fully-fledged version of the game. (1.8 GB)

•    Smooth gameplay without any lag.

•    Fewer players reduced from 100 to 40.

•    Lower graphics.

•    A lesser number of game modes.

How can one get PUBG mobile lite?

Unfortunately, the game is still in its beta stage and only available in the Philippines. But then if you that eager to get the game and want to enjoy the world of FPS gaming, then check the steps given below to enjoy your PUBG experience.

•    Download the APK of PUBG mobile lite onto your phone through your internet browser.

•    After which you need to download a VPN. It can be done by downloading any VPN app from the play store. It is only to set your location to the Philippines. Failure to do so will not open the app and will prompt the app to crash upon running.

•    There you go, it’s that easy and straightforward enough to do it.

Minimum requirements that you might need to run PUBG mobile lite?

Despite the game designed to run on lower end mobiles, there are some basic specifications that your phone needs to have for its smooth running. All of which are given below.

•    1GB RAM or more.

•    Running on jellybean or higher.

•    Storage space of at least 500 MB.

Now that you know everything about PUBG mobile lite enjoy the game and have fun acquiring chicken dinners on your lowest smartphone configuration. Enjoy and happy gaming.