How is artificial intelligence designed by Microsoft saving lives?

Hunger and death have become the talking grounds of every humanitarian conference in recent times. There are so many deaths that are caused due to starvation that people are desperately trying to get some results by trying their level best in helping the ones in need. Several government agencies reach the designated spot on time to get to work to improve the needful. Microsoft, on the other hand, has believed for several years that artificial intelligence is the next step into helping the needful utilizing technology. It can bring about radicle changes in which help might be given, expand assisting services to through countries, change the way organizations tend to helps and various other things are brought about when technology is implicated into saving lives.

Therefore, artificial intelligence by Microsoft is helping several humanitarians right to be given more importance. These rights involve recovery from global or national disasters, taking action to the needs of children’s, protection of refugees, respect of human right promotion. Such acts are being taken up by the artificial intelligence by Microsoft to ensure the most significant challenges can be taken up with the help of technology.

Implementations of Artificial intelligence by Microsoft.

As discussed above, the critical area where artificial intelligence can be implemented are elaborated in the pointers given below. Take a look.

1 – Responses at the time of a disaster.

It’s evident that no part of the globe is safe from disasters. There are several types of disasters such as floods, drought, earthquakes, etc. waiting to happen. And if it does, no one can stop it because of the impact that it brings about. But with the help of artificial intelligence and scale modelling of the globe, there are ways of early detection of an event waiting to happen and reduce the casualties that might occur during the disaster. Not only this but then the application of artificial intelligence by Microsoft into machines can help in detection of the faster routes to a particular affected place without any errors.

2 – Addressing the needs of children.

What artificial intelligence by Microsoft aims to do in this domain of world relief is to try and bring human trafficking to a stop. Through the implementation of bots and several predictive analyses by their artificial intelligence, predictive planning or scale can be bought to light to bring human trafficking to a stop and eliminate the threat of trafficking one and for all.

3 – Refuges and homeless people

Artificial intelligence by Microsoft aims to provide essentials to all the refuges throughout the world. Through NGO’S and other organizations, several chatbots are also designed to provide a multi-lingual based system of understanding the needs of the refugees and getting supplies and essential of the needful.

4 – Protecting and promotion of human rights.

Artificial intelligence by Microsoft has helped NGO’s and several other organizations of a similar background to learn a lot about the abuses of human right. The program has helped detect and protect the human right that is facing abuse and regression. Also, artificial intelligence is being used in the aspect of language translation to provide real-time understand and speech options to interact with lawyers protecting human rights.

Hence, through such implementation, artificial intelligence by Microsoft has been dramatically successful in saving many lives of people all across the world. A five-year program that thrives on protecting as many people as possible has ensured that the people in despair are not alone and there is some to look after them.

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