How to become a blockchain developer?

You might have heard about bitcoin and cryptocurrency making its way into being the highest traded commodity ever, right? Well in that same terminology, there is something else that has come into the limelight, and that is blockchain.

But what is blockchain? Blockchain is nothing but an incorruptible form of a ledger that has all the records of things that are of value. In a more straightforward format, it’s an electronic record of all transactions and commodities that have been traded which supports some form of profit.

The only selling part of this form of technology is that blockchain is quite transparent and there isn’t exactly any form of locks. Anyone can see, and you are responsible for your actions in the ledger.

Hence why you might want to become a blockchain developer? You may ask. Well, the demand has grown significantly over the past couple of months such that over the years the need has risen to 400%. Salaries handed out to blockchain developers is somewhere between 150,000 – 175,000 dollars annually. It is because of such reasons many aspire to become a blockchain developer. But you may ask, how do I become a blockchain developer? The answer to that question is given below. Take a look.

Skills required for becoming a blockchain developer.   

The things that you might have to understand or have good knowledge about are given below.

  • Basic programming
  • Console debugging
  • Cryptographic algorithms
  • Network programming
  • Databases

The above-given topics need to be dealt with a more significant level of concentration and understanding. The basis of blockchain lies in these topics. Therefore, you need to know them thoroughly. But before you even start your journey to becoming a good blockchain developer, you need to know to program well.

Blockchain is written in its sweet language and a dedicated programming language. Ethereum and its branches are the only ones that can adapt newer forms of programming language. Rest of the blockchain development program uses common programming languages such as:

  • C++
  • Javascript
  • Ruby
  • Python
  • Solidity
  • Go
  • Java

But irrespective of what program you might be using, the best programs for blockchain or bitcoin are written on C++. Mainly because of its flexibility and ease of understanding.

To simplify things down, Ethereum blockchain is unique kinds of blockchain there are require individual platforms to write programs. Go, C++ or Ruby are one such platform for Ethereum blockchains to be coded based on the module that you are working upon. But to store your quick contacts on Ethereum blockchain, then quick contact needs to be written in solidity.

Where and how to start learning blockchain?

The journey of becoming a blockchain developer is quite intricate. It is primarily because it requires a deep understanding and knowledge about blockchain and its functioning. Hence let’s look at the various steps in learning blockchain and becoming a master of it.

Step 1.

The first and foremost step of becoming a blockchain developer is to understand the basis of the subject. Also, you need to know the basic level programs and other norms given above. Understand them will cover 50% of your blockchain developer journey.

Step 2.

Blockchains have particular coding language that needs to be mastered. If you are a person who knows python properly, then focus on blockchains that are developed using python. For the ones who are master of C++/C#, the concentrate on the blockchains that are designed using the respective programs.

Step 3.

Once you find your sweet spot, then it’s a matter of focus and dedication in knowing how well you know the subject of blockchain. There are ample ways of mastering the subject but requires your time, commitment and understanding about its working and implementation. Several online courses offer tutorials and step by step procedures in understanding blockchain, and it’s working. So, check them out to see what suits you the best.

Now that you know the various form factors and how you can become a blockchain developer, then it’s a point of hard work and dedication that needs to be put in, to get the best out of what the subject has to offer. So, all the best and give it your all, as the market is always open for newer blockchain developers with a greater understanding of the subject.