Succeed With A Comprehensive IoT Strategy

Utilize the potential of connected devices to streamline business processes and operations.

Teqsense allows organisations from Logistics and Transportation, Retail, BFSI, Agriculture and beyond to make the best utilization of connected things and smart-business ecosystems. We help businesses boost their productivity, reinforce performance and create growth opportunities with organised and data-driven disruption.

Gartner predicts that there are 8.4 billion connected devices as of 2017. And expects there to be 20.4 billion by 2020.

Improve Organisational Performance

Teqsense's experts will help you integrate connectivity to your internal processes to improve employee tracking, performance and efficiency. You can use sensors for better insights into workflows as well as to improve organisational security.

Increase Customer Engagement

Using connected devices such as smart meters and sensors to gain deep consumer insights, allowing you to improve personalization and customer engagement. We will set up the environment for you to gather valuable customer data to enable a smart, personalized sales process.

Improve Your Legacy Systems With IoT Systems

If you're looking to reinforce your business through connected products or services, you can fully rely on our IoT development expertise. We will help you build exemplary products. We will also help you replace your legacy systems with smarter, connected ones.

Orchestrate Efficient Processes

We will help you build scalable and centralised control over your infrastructure, services, applications and data flow. That way, you can optimize your business effectiveness to significantly reduce the total delivery time for your products and services.

Business Analysis & Consulting

We will analyse your requirements carefully to design and develop a custom IoT solution for your business. Establish centralized control over your devices and assets, gather valuable data using sensors and deliver a smarter experience to your customers.

Custom Solution Development

Once the requirements are understood and finalized, our team of expert software engineers and UX experts will work on realising your IoT solution from scratch or substitute your existing systems with smart connected ones.

To infinity & beyond!

After executing on your vision, we will help you maximise the constructed solution to make it highly scalable and secure. Depending on what is constructed, we may be able to extract insights, allow personalization and lots more.

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