Is Artificial Intelligence Dangerous?

Smartphones, tablets, laptops, smart watches, mobile assistance’s and various other tech products have one thing in common. i.e. artificial intelligence. It’s evident that artificial intelligence is the future of humanity and it can do many beautiful things. Still, in its early development phases, there are still many things that its capable of achieving. Some say it’s a boon to humankind while others beg to differ. Some say that it’s a threat to humans such that it can get hazardous. Well the benefits are of plenty, and you would find several articles on the internet bragging about the advantages that one could get from artificial intelligence, but what about the threat that you could get from artificial intelligence. Is artificial intelligence dangerous?

Bill Gates, Stephen Hawking and other well-respected names in the science and technology field are worried about the survival of humanity in the future. It’s not based on a theory of global warming but is entirely based on artificial intelligence. They predict that artificial intelligence might bring the end to humankind and spur the rise of AI to spread all across the world. It sounds something straight out of the movie “Terminator”. But then to answer the real question, is artificial intelligence dangerous?

What makes artificial intelligence dangerous?

There are many things that one could say about AI — mainly about its capability and its adaptability to its surroundings. Surely when you take a peek into the potential that artificial intelligence has, it’s the brainchild of every human’s imagination that merely has come to life. Not only this but then several industries all across the world have started to invest heavily on artificial intelligence to make their products elf reliable and also better than the competition — a major talking point for sure.

It’s often regarded as a potential threat. But this potential threat is something controllable till date and hasn’t gotten to the phase of self-learning and adaptability. Several tech specialists and science experts have stated that artificial intelligence is something that we can control and modify. But there will be a time when it will be monitoring us. Well, this time won’t be coming anytime soon as the AI that we have at the moment hasn’t even scratched the capability of what AI can bring about in the future.

But what makes AI this dangerous is the inability to control the full power of its functioning. As the saying goes, “never push something till it loses control”. The same goes in terms of AI and can bring about the downfall of all humanity that could be an unstoppable event. Machine learning and other sectors of AI have already started to learn the way we talk and also respond upon our command. But the time will soon come where they might set themselves free and take control of themselves without any human input.

The various risks of artificial intelligence:

To answer the question, “is artificial intelligence dangerous?” correctly, let’s dive into the world of the risks that it poses to humankind and society that we live in.

1 – Malicious, hostile risk.

Don’t worry, the name might sound scary, but then it doesn’t have any chance of it occurring. There are only two ways through which it might happen. One where terrorists or a group of individuals set up certain types of programs to interact with AI and make them hostile enough to counter-attack with the host through artificial intelligence. And the second being where artificial intelligence tends to set free and wage war against the human race. Something out of a sci-fi movie isn’t it?

2 – Apathy risk.

It might be a sort of a risk as artificial intelligence are designed to function as they function without topping irrespective of any remote interface. It might result in some fatal consequences If applied in a life-threatening scenario.

3 – Accidental risk.

Just like humans, Artificial intelligence isn’t a complete product that can think, learn and do things to the point. They can make mistakes and at times, due to their implementations. It can prove to a bigger mistake than anticipated. You never really know as to when “is artificial intelligence dangerous?” come into effect as the AI that we have as of now is incomplete and still can take time to do anything that might be life-threatening if held in the wrong hands.

4 – Unknowable risks.

Humans are pushing the boundaries of artificial intelligence to understand and adapt the same way as we humans do. This is all well and good, but what if one day it thinks to learn and outgrow the need of any human to control it. Now, it might prove to a higher risk to humanity and can answer the question of artificial intelligence being dangerous for sure.

Thus, now that we have looked into the various form factors about artificial intelligence, the real answer to the question,” is artificial intelligence dangerous?” is a perspective sort of an explanation as there are so many different opinions and implementations that are involved that could make it either dangerous or even safe. So, what do you think? Is it safe to have artificial intelligence or is it something that we need to get rid of? The answer to this question isn’t concrete enough to explain; only time will tell whether it’s a boon or a deadly disease created by humanity for its downfall.