Application Development

We’re into everything from mobile app development, to web-app development. We like to work on projects that actually try to make a difference. We have experts in each of these areas.

We’re very fortunate to have worked with companies like Boeing, Target, Accenture, Bosch, Axis Bank, Hexon Global, QuackQuack, Saarthi and others. We’ve also done various projects for startups, individuals and stealth players.

We generally work on T&M (Time & Materials), Cost and Cost Plus models. Sometimes, we are approached by early-stage companies and startups that are looking for a long-term technology partner. We evaluate them, and even work with part-cost and part skin in the game.

We are not really restricted by technologies or frameworks. Most of these things, being turing-complete, allow us to build anything fathomable. Just like in Minecraft. The constructs, strategy and architecture are usually what are important. That being said, we are strongly competent with LAMP, MEAN, MERN, Spring, RoR, Django, Flask, WordPress, and other web-application frameworks.

Apart from making sure that the client requirements match our competencies, we tend to work with people that have a culture similar to ours. You can get in touch with us by either sending us an email to hi[at] or through phone at: +91 9591039033. We’ll take it forward from there 🙂

Blockchain Development

No. It’s a highly misunderstood topic. Unfortunately, most people have started making direct associations between cryptocurrencies (like Bitcoin) and blockchain technology. Blockchain technology is NOT a scam, and it has many very real use-cases. Look at all the huge companies investing in it? Boeing, Amazon, Google, JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley, Microsoft, Volkswagen and many others.

A multitude of things. Blockchain helps maintain data-integrity in a way that even the owner of some data cannot manipulate that data. Now move this idea to a decentralised system, and you soon realise the power of blockchain. Apart from data-integrity, we also have the concept of smart-contracts. These are actions that can be executed on transactions based on a defined set of rules. These rules may be simple, or extremely complex. Again, smart-contracts, once deployed, cannot be manipulated even by the owner. This makes it possible for parties to trust the data on blockchain without having to implicitly trust third-parties.

Interestingly, enterprise blockchains are already a reality. Instead of having to resort to public P2P blockchains like Ethereum, or IOTA, companies may choose to use frameworks such as Hyperledger (maintained by IBM along with the Linux Foundation), Corda R3, and Quorum (created and maintained by JP Morgan). There are different flavours of blockchain to fit your exact requirements. And if there isn’t, we can also help you develop a custom blockchain implementation using any of the existing frameworks out there.

No. Digital currencies, or cryptocurrencies are not a necessary concept in the construction of blockchain enabled systems. A blockchain may be standalone wherein transactions transfer data and assets that need not behave like a currency.

We’ve worked on supply-chain traceability solutions, a renewable energy certificate marketplace, real-estate trading marketplace, IoT convergence SLA and warranty determination solutions, shared KYC (Know Your Customer) solutions, document verification solutions and also counterfeit drug prevention solutions using blockchain technology.

R&D and Innovation Consulting

It’s a commonly misunderstood idea, for starters. Innovation consulting revolves around the change in existing processes to create more effective processes, products, and ideas. We help you do this through deep-tech technology innovation.

Easy. This is a very common question for us. While working with Axis Bank, we were involved with eKYC (form) processing using computer vision. The test-forms that they shared with us were nothing like their production forms. Even though there was a designated spot to place the bank seal, branch staff were placing the seal anywhere they liked on the form. We had to account for this randomness and devise a solution that will get rid of the bank seal so we can process the rest of the form. Simple issue. Huge change management problem. Innovation solved it.

We’re not strictly bound by any industries/verticals. However, we’ve majorly worked in BFSI, Retail, Manufacturing, Agriculture, Energy and Logistics. These are also places where we’ve developed some cutting-edge solutions that have helped a lot of businesses of different sizes. Contact us and learn more!

We used to do that initially but soon realised that we shouldn’t. If we’re putting in time and energy to work on your idea, we expect to be compensated for it. We’ve also had situations wherein clients took our work and deployed it into production without compensating us. To avoid all this, we’ve decided never to do free/un-paid work again. We live by the motto: If you’re good at it, don’t do it for free.

Our team and advisors have a cumulative of more than 100 years of research, development and innovation experience. We’re happy to accept outside challenges to prove our abilities and out-of-the-box thinking. If you have a problem you’re stuck with, shoot us an email at hi[at] and we’ll show you how cool we are.

AI/Machine Learning

There is a lot of hype surrounding this domain. However, artificial intelligence and machine learning have real use-cases. It depends a lot on the expectation of clients. Yes, it is possible to say AI/ML is nothing but a bunch of if-else statements. But then, how would you write those if-else statements to tell a computer what a banana is from an image? Used correctly, the potential of this technology is immense. Anywhere that there might be patterns and trends, we can apply AI/Machine Learning.

We’ve worked on sales forecasting problems. We’ve created a image and video content moderation API from scratch. Short-term stock market predictions (movement) is another use-case. We’ve worked on transactional fraud detection across various types of transactions, both financial and non-financial. We were involved in computer-vision based early-stage cancer detection in collaboration with IISc. We’ve even developed a suite for pose estimation, gesture recognition, face-recognition, body counting, gender classification, NSFW identification, character recognition, form field filled/not filled determination, and more. 

We have strong capabilities in the areas of Natural Language Processing, Natural Language Generation, Computer Vision, Cognitive Modelling, Game Playing, Knowledge-Based Systems, Computer Aided Instruction, and Robotics.

Depending on the situation, it is possible to optimise the performance of AI/Machine Learning algorithms/models. Obviously, there are certain limitations as to how good it can be, but we have implemented these solutions for high-volume and high-frequency systems already. In the worst-case, horizontal scaling should solve any scalability issues – though it is not our first approach.

Sure, we’d love to talk and see where the synergies lie. Please get in touch with us via email at hi[at] or by phone at: +91 9591039033.

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