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We try to compare innovation consulting firms from across the globe. But that’s only possible if we are able to agree on a definition of innovation consulting. To do this, let us try to define what innovation consulting is?

What does innovation mean for your business?

Innovation is a commonly misused and abused term today. You will find a lot of people misrepresenting the true meaning and depth of innovation. Innovation really refers to the change in processes to create more effective processes, products, and ideas.

For businesses, this often means implementing new ideas, creating dynamic products and sometimes even improving existing services.

Innovation often acts as a catalyst for the growth and success of your business. Keeping up with the everchanging technology trends is an extremely important technique to ensure competitiveness within the market.

Inspired by the book, Factfulness, let’s look at the data to corroborate that innovation is an important and necessary instrument to maintain the competitive advantage. Take, for example, some of the biggest corporations of 2000: Microsoft, General Electric, Cisco Systems, Wal-Mart, Intel. On average, these organizations have declined by 60 percent in value due to stagnant processes, the corporate mindset and something I would like to call the inertia to innovate.

Your customers will always demand more. They may love your product for now, but it is possible that your product becomes obsolete over time. Without innovation, what you have basically done is to open up your market for your more innovative competitors.

There are easy ways to identify strategies to innovate in your business. Most of the time, this only requires research and planning. Here are some steps you may follow:

1. Analyze

Observe and analyze trends in your market along with trends in your customers’ wants and needs and also keep a close eye on your competitors.

2. Speak

Talk to your current customers and employees for ideas on improving your existing processes.

3. Advice

Get advice now. Reach out to business advisors, grants, and other types of assistance to drive innovation in your business. You may also want to look at Intellectual Property protection to commercialize your ideas. Local collaboration also opens up a lot of doors, and people don’t do it enough.

4. Be Open

Be humble and open to ideas that can help your business and make sure cognitive biases are not affecting your decision-making process.

5. Plan

Create a strategic, responsive plan that promotes innovation as a key business process. Innovation, similar to investment, cannot occur overnight. It needs to be drilled into the mentality of everybody in your organization.

6. Train

Guide and empower employees to think innovatively using the top-down approach!

Keeping this in mind, let us look at some of the top innovation consulting firms, with respect to technology innovation consulting. We do this by comparing data between sources like, Crunchbase, ZoomInfo, Gartner, and others.

Top Technology Innovation Consulting Firms

1. 9Lenses

9Lenses is a digital diagnostic platform that allows consultants to thrive in a data-driven market.

Survey platforms, spreadsheets and other manual business diagnostics no longer meet today’s digital expectations.

Mission: We’re passionate about data science and the power of good insight. We’re convinced that using technology to transform business diagnostics can change the way businesses operate for the better.


2. Innosight

Disruptive change is accelerating, and companies today face more ambiguity than ever before. But with ambiguity comes opportunity. Business leaders equipped to act in the face of uncertainty can build paths to growth that have not yet been imagined.

Traditional approaches to strategy and growth are insufficient to meet the challenge. They analyze the past to predict the future. They are facing the wrong way.

Innosight looks at the world differently. We’re in the future business. As the leading expert on disruptive innovation and strategic transformation, we bring a unique set of lenses to growth strategy. We help business leaders develop deep insights into the needs of tomorrow’s customers, align around a shared vision of the future, and then create the organizational momentum to get there. Our approach is collaborative, and our clients tell us we change the way they think about and see the world, enabling them to do things they could never do before. We build capability, not dependence.


3. BoardOfInnovation

BoardOfInnovation empowers corporate teams to innovate and to move faster from concept to market success. They help companies build effective innovation strategies, discover unmet customer needs, ideate effective solutions, and get ready for market launch. They invest in future-proof talent management. With their talent development programs, they’re building the capabilities that the leadership of future organizations will need. In the last 10 years, innovation-driven companies have outperformed the S&P 500 by 211%. Through innovation strategy, training, and accelerators, BoardOfInnovation helps enterprises transform into future-proof, customer-centered organizations.



IDEO (pronounced “eye-dee-oh”) is a global design company. We create positive impact through design.

We believe… Everyone is creative. Creative organizations are more agile. Complex problems are best solved collaboratively. Innovation in public life starts with people. Technology moves fast, human needs change slowly. Venturing is R&D.


5. Teqsense

Teqsense is a boutique technology innovation consulting firm. It is one of the top artificial intelligence and machine learning vendors in India according to Clutch. They are leaders in strategic advising for products and services. Teqsense is able to incorporate technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain and internet of things to solve some of your pressing business needs.

Teqsense handles some of the most advanced problems in Data Science and Machine Intelligence. We provide extremely flexible, scalable Artificial Intelligence services. This is why our prime focus is on Deep Learning, the basis for Computer Vision (Video/Image Processing), Data Science, Database Prediction Systems, Object Detection and Natural Language Processing/Generation.

So, you have an ingenious idea and you want to put it to work for your business? What new technologies can you apply? How do you know it is viable? We take you through all the important steps. With Teqsense’​ R&D consulting services, you can easily validate your idea from a technological and business perspective. Our engineers will perform feasibility assessment, build prototypes, deploy your product and scale it to your business environment.

Teqsense is one of the few startups to be recognised by the Indian Government through the Startup India program which provides various benefits to startups. We can impress the Indian Government, we think we can impress you too!


6. FrogDesign

Frog Design is a global design and strategy firm that creates systems of brands, products, and services. It provides strategic advising on business challenges and long-term planning services. The company helps discover market opportunities through design research, market analysis, and strategic evaluation of company’s brand identity, consumer base, existing assets, and key market opportunities; reviews and refines features in response to testing, customer feedback, and strategic analysis; and enables translation of idea to reality. It serves consumer electronics, telecommunications, healthcare, media, education, finance, retail, and fashion industries. The company was founded in 1969 and is headquartered in San Francisco, California. It has studios in Austin, New York, San Jose, Seattle, Milan, Amsterdam, Stuttgart, and Shanghai. frog design, inc. operates as a subsidiary of Aricent, Inc.


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